• The M.E.A.D Device

The M.E.A.D Device

Foreword on the MEAD device:

We have implemented the Meridian Energy Analysing Device to the SOQI program to have a better idea on how to give the customer a safer and better Spa experience. The device is not a medical device and we do not act as doctors, therapists or nutritionists.

The device provides analysis information on body energy, mental and emotional states, autonomic nerve balance metabolism and the organs of the body. Includes therapy advice, dietary regimen and prescriptions based on results.

Gives an understanding of individual needs for health food options in order to improve diet.

Offers descriptive and specific diagnosis of abnormality and early warning of probable future dysfunctions.

Contains an advanced acupuncture-point location system, which shows definitive positions on the human body to ensure the best clinical application in diagnosis and treatment.

Operates under PC Windows's systems. Allows you to by obtain analysis information of the entire body within 3 minutes. Can be used along with an online website for updates, help, news, and other information. Is guaranteed to provide precise information on health conditions.

We use the device to show the patient that he/she is improving over a period of time, and not really in terms of medical diagnosis. We are not doctors, we only use the device for guidance.

Note that Medication can hide symptoms when using the MEAD analysis, and might not show a true calculation … Also: If a persons A-count (Body energy) is below 11, it might show all symptoms with normal bars…, and also if the body energy is above 110 >> thus the device is less accurate under 11 and above 110. Normally we would recommend a customer to see his/her doctor or physician if its under 11 millivolts, and a nutritionist if its above 110..

The following words is not really of importance for the average person to learn how to operate the MEAD device, but because people keep asking me what it means I have decided to add this :

Most Popular words and explanations:

Jing Luo: Means meridian system in English.     Yin:  Means passive and negative balance force

Yang: Means active and positive balance force    ZangFu : internal organs of human body.        

Qi or Chi : vital energy and active energy of life

The Composition of the System

The MEAD device is a device to calculate a possible health condition. The composition includes the frame and the system operation software.

In the frame part, we apply a standard connection interface with the personal computer. This can make the best of the property that personal computer is produced with large quantity and easy maintenance. No matter what type of computer you use, the desktop PC or notebook PC, you can always install the device easily. The hardware has passed every safety inspection and anti-interference test. For international use, the device also has good adaptability to various climates such as multi variant insular climate with high damp environment or dry continental climate.

Because the electric current the device uses for measurement is smaller than the electric current that the human body can feel, the customer’s meridian energy data can be collected non-invasively and the customer will not feel it. This device has no side effects to the human body. For further safety to the human body and the stability of the device, the device is created with a loop guard circuit. When you start up various functions, you will see the indicator of Sensitivity on the instrument panel flash, signaling that the guard circuit has started up normally. When you end the measurement function, the guard circuit will block the probe from the device automatically in order to prevent problems caused by any wrong action and will not affect the safety and stability.

This device mainly measures the 24 preventative points of Twelve Regular Meridian and collects the physiological data on every meridian energy, which we call the exciting degree of meridian. Then the computer will analyze the patient’s physiological status and list abundant graphs and analyze data by screen or the printer. The measurement time will not exceed 4seconds and it will take about 4 minutes to make a whole body measurement.

Minimum System Requirements

The following are the basic requirements of software and hardware for the normal functioning of this device. Please make sure that your computer conforms to this device before installing. If there are any problems, please contact your dealer. You can also show the requirements to the computer supplier and require that the computer he supplies will conform to the following requirements to avoid faulty functioning of the device due to the hardware.

Specification of Computer Hardware

1.   IBM PC or compatible, Intel 586-133 CPU or above, 32 Megabytes RAM or above, 1.44 Megabytes disk Drive, CD-ROM Drive, at least 20 Megabytes of free hard disk space, and 15 inch or above color monitor, mouse, keyboard.

2.   Windows 98/ME or windows NT4.0/2000 or later.

3.   Printer supporting Windows Operation System (Optional but recommended.)

4.   MA(TM) uses the USB serial interface in the computer, so you should ensure that there is at least one USB interface to connect in your computer. The common computer has at least 2 or more USB interfaces, but perhaps other interfaces such as mouse, data unit, digital camera, etc. have occupied this interface, so you cannot connect MA(TM). You’d better ensure this interface first.

5.   The Monitor must support mode of 800×600 resolution

6.      256 colours, because this is the lowest resolution that the system operation software of this device sets. Some old notebook PC might not support this mode.

7.   The Monitor display mode we suggest is: 1024 x 768 resolution8.    256 colours or above, select small font, 15 inches or above monitor. If your monitor is smaller than 15 inch, we recommend maintaining the 800×600 resolution display mode.

The printer can be monochrome or color. Because this device supports color printing, we suggest you buy a color printer. Additionally, you should pay attention to the printing speed. If you want to increase the printing speed, we suggest you select a laser printer. But common laser printers mainly support monochrome tasks, so we suggest you select high speed color ink-jet printers to save cost and increase practicability. 

If you set the font or change the size in the display mode, the display location will be wrong during the system operation. This will affect the visual sense though it will not affect the operation function.

Fitting and Installing

The installing of this device includes the installing of hardware and software, which needs to be both installed correctly so that the device can be run without mistake. The installing is very simple and you can finish it without difficulty according to the following instructions. .

Installing Compact Disk of the system operation software:     

1.   Turn off the power of the computer. (Highly recommended in order to avoid the wrong action of the computer and the device)

2.   Unpack the hardware measurement part.

3.   Insert the connecting cable to the connector at the back of the computer.

4.   Turn on the power source of the computer.

5.   Find the power switch at the back of this device and turn it on, and the indicator of Power will flash.

6.  Fill the sponge-vessel with tap water and about 1% salt, for use.

7. Put the Sponge into the vessel. When the sponge is soft, insert it into the probe end so that it still shows 2% of the sponge outside the probe…

Installing of System Operation System

This installing program needs to be performed only once when you install the device for the first time. If you want to start up or execute the functions of this device, you can refer to the explanation on starting up and shutting down in the following chapter.

1.   Start up the computer and enter the Windows operation system.

2.   Unpack the installing Compact disk and insert Disk into the CD-ROM drive.

3.   Follow the step by step instructions

Now you can click the ME-10E icon on your desktop to start up the program.

Start Meridian Measurement

First go to the Calibrate button – Touch the two probes after pressing start.. Keep it touching until it makes a different sound and shows you that the calibration is successful. Exit the Calibration screen…

Perform Automatic Calibration Function

The automatic calibration function includes low potential and high potential calibration, but you only need to perform once to calibrate these two values. Before calibration, put the handle on the desk with insulating plastic and don’t hold the probe and the handle with the right and left hand respectively. Then damp the cotton of the probe with salt water and click to select Start button, once you touch the metal part of the handle with the cotton of the probe, the automatic calibration system will start to perform automatic calibration function.

Do not disturb the probe and the handle before finishing calibration or else the system will terminate the automatic calibration function and display information of error in calibration mode. Please perform automatic calibration function again according to the above step.

During the calibration you can click Stop button to stop the performance of calibration function.

When you perform calibration twice in a certain time, the less the difference is, the better. If the difference is higher than ±3%there is something wrong with your calibration mode. The possible reasons are as follows.

1. You have separated or disturbed the handle and the probe when you perform calibration.

2. The place where the handle is put has bad isolation effect. Please isolate the handle again.

3. The interface of the probe and the handle is not good when you perform the calibration.

4. You have not wet the cotton with the saltwater or the saltwater concentration is not enough.

5. The severe interference of the environment electric field.

The right performance of calibration is of important effect on the accuracy of the system. You can perform the calibration repeat to grasp the operation.

Secondly, click the “Measure” button:

Attach the big probe to the left hand’s palm.

Select the sex of the person – male or female, and press start… you will now see a screen of a hand that shows you where to press the other probe…

The normal measurement order is the palm of the left hand-the back of the left hand-the palm of the right hand-the back of the right hand-the medial of the left foot--the lateral of the left foot-the medial of the right foot---the lateral of the right foot. You can see the prompt of the name and location of the measurement point on the screen. The measurement date and time will be recorded automatically. If you want to change the order of the measurement or measure some points repeatedly, you can click the columns in Meridian Energy Value. You can also use in the keyboard to change the point. Of course, the system can detect the processing of measurement and hint the operator to change the point. Generally speaking, the system will send out five median points to express the process and one alt to express the end of the measurement, at the same time a gauge and an indicator light can indicate the process of the measurement program. The operator can run the measurement at the pointed order without pressing any key.

If you remove the probe before finishing the measurement of a point, the system will give up the collected data and wait for you to touch the point with the probe again.

When you finish the measurement of the 24 points orderly, the system will shut down the measurement window automatically and exit the measurement function. If you want to pause or end the measurement function, you can click the Stop button and restart your measurement later.

No matter whether there is any case history on the screen when you start the measurement, the new data will replace the old data. So you can save the old case, then measure one or several meridians and save or analyze the new case after refreshing the previous data.

Body Energy Analysis

In this item, you will learn the status of body energy, physiological and psychological functions by means of function index graph, literal explanation and sorts of analysis data. In order to let the user hold detailed data for clinical symptom differentiation, the window also includes the basic data of the patient and the meridian energy value. Please refer to Chart 11 to get detailed data.

External and Internal Analysis

The status of the external and internal meridian energy is always important information in clinical symptom differentiation. The external and internal meridians mean the most relative Zang and fu( means internal organs in western medical term. When a meridian or a viscus is abnormal, the related meridians or viscera will probably be affected. So the user will learn more information if he refers the QI-Blood status of the external and internal meridians in the symptom differentiation.

The external and internal meridians data:

Lung Meridian-Large intestine meridian    Heart Meridian-Small Intestine Meridian

Pericardium Meridian-Sanjiao Meridian    Spleen Meridian-Stomach Meridian

Liver Meridian-Gallbladder Meridian        Kidney Meridian-Bladder Meridian

Single Meridian differentiation

Once the whole body energy, endocrine system, muscular-skeletal system, metabolism, autonomic nerve and some single meridian are abnormal, the possible status and symptom, Midnight-noon ebb-flow and other things important will be displayed and analyzed in the window. The Zang-Fu, which the meridians stand for and their basic functions are also explained.

This table includes three parts: differentiation items, detailed explanations and good conducting differentiation. You can select the item in the differentiation item column with the mouse, and the system will display the detailed data in the detailed explanations and good conducting differentiation columns according to the status of the meridians and body energy.

Analyzing the DATA :

After all the values of the different meridians are taken, you can select the “Analyze” button…

Go to the “Print” button and select it

You can now choose what diagnosis screens you wish to print – I usually never use any of the middle column selections, but only the Bar diagram, the energy values (First two options on the left column) and on the right column just the small font size, printer setup, etc..

The printer setup button is to set the functions of printer such as the quality of print, the style of print (color or monochrome), setting of technology, number of copies and so on. Because different printers have different setting mode, please refer to your operation manual of your printer.

When you have set the data above, you can click the Print button to print your data.

The system will output the data and create a printing document automatically and print the data in order.

Exit the Data Analysis

If you want to end the data analysis function, you can click the Exit button and turn to meridian measurement menu.

The Important Explanation

When you have finished the calibration function according to the right order, the ratio of difference will be displayed in the Environment compensatory value. The device must calculate the environment compensatory value to keep the accuracy. After you finish the calibration, you can check the basic value after calibration. The value exceeding 3000 means the calibration is finished normally.

Putting the handle on the plastic desktop can avoid affecting the reliability of the calibration due to  the induction of the hand.

Because we use wet cotton on the probe end, there always are some acceptable errors during each calibration. But you can ignore these errors because these errors have been calculated in the system. The automatic calibration use the precision of 4096 which is 20 times than that of measurement, so the system can keep high accuracy as long as you perform the calibration correctly.

Reading Data of Meridian Energy

One is able to go very deep into the reading of the MEAD diagnosis calculation, but we try to keep the training as simple as possible, yet we also try to give enough knowledge to be able to be of assistance to the customer…

First you will need the printout (Analyzing Sheet) and the meridian diagnosis summary sheet..

On the printout, we will look at the Meridian bars…Number the meridians from 1 to 12… Ex.: Lung meridian = 1, etc…

Number the energy report options with A, B, C, D and E

              A= Body energy/ physical ability and vital condition

              B= Up &down Spiritual condition

              C= Left & Right muscle skeleton kinetic scheme…

Etc, etc…

Use the Analyzing Sheet to calculate:

Two main rules Apply:

Rule one: If there is a plus or a minus with the total, it means you must check if the bars are above or below the line

5- , 6-      If the bars on 5 and on 6 are below the line, it is applicable – In this case it means that the patient has Rhinitis, and Pharyngolaryngitis

7+, 9+ 10+ if most of the bars at each number are above the line, its applicable …

Rule two: If there are no plus or minus with the total, you will check if the bars are “Normal” “Tolerable” or “Poor” … (Normal = Green, Tolerable = Orange, Poor = Red)

Additional signs on the calculation sheet (on the Meridian diagnosis summary sheet):

The “Smaller than” and the “Bigger as” signs: and the L and R sign

If A is smaller than 17, then ….

In short:  A<17

If D is bigger than 1.9 then the following is applicable …

In short: D>1.9

8 L means = Check if the Left bar on the 8th meridian is “poor” tolerable” or “normal” …, obviously the R sign then means check the Right bar …

Wording on the Meridian Diagnosis Summary Sheet:

Respiratory Tract -The respiratory system is an organ system which is used for gas exchange. The respiratory system generally includes tubes, such as bronchi, used to carry air to the lungs, where gas exchange takes place. In the lung the trachea (windpipe) divides into two main bronchi, the left and the right. The right main bronchus is winder, shorter, and more vertical than the left main bronchus.

Thyroid gland - A gland that makes and stores hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. Thyroid hormones are essential for the function of every cell in the body. They help regulate growth and the rate of chemical reactions (metabolism) in the body. Thyroid hormones also help children grow and develop. The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck, below the Adam's apple, wrapped around the trachea (windpipe). It has the shape of a butterfly: two wings (lobes) attached to one another by a middle part.

Blood vessel- Tubular channels for blood transport, of which there are three principal types: arteries, capillaries, and veins. Only the larger arteries and veins in the body bear distinct names. Arteries carry blood away from the heart through a system of successively smaller vessels. Capillaries are the smallest but most extensive blood vessels, forming a network everywhere in the body tissues. Veins carry blood from the capillary beds back to the heart through increasingly larger vessels. In certain locations blood vessels are modified for particular functions, as the sinusoids of the liver and the spleen and the choroid plexuses of the brain ventricles.

Duodenum: - The relatively short beginning segment of the small intestine that receives partially digested food from the stomach and connects to the jejunum.

Pharynx : The cone-shaped space that connects the mouth and nasal cavities to the oesophagus; it is commonly referred to as the "throat"

Larynx : The "voice box"

Anemia : Anemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low levels of healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin (the component of red blood cells that delivers oxygen to tissues throughout the body)

Endocrine-metabolic anomally :an inter-related series of glands that secrete hormones to regulate and control all of the body’s major functions.

Hysteroma :

Hypertention: High blood pressure.

Hypotention: Low blood pressure

Arrhythmia: Abnormal heart rhythm .

Vertebra: Spine

Arteriosclerosis: A circulatory disorder characterized by a thickening and stiffening of the walls of large and medium-sized arteries, which impedes circulation.

Palpitation: the sensation of a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

Senile dementia: results from degeneration of the brain in the absence of cerebrovascular disease

Enteritis: An infection in the intestinal tract, mainly the small intestine. The most consistent symptom is diarrhoea.

Gastritis: inflammation of the stomach often caused by infection with Helicobacter or medications (Aspirin or NSAIDs)

Biliary duct contraction:

Rhinitis : an inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the nose, often due to allergy to pollen, dust or other airborne substances, which causes sneezing, itching, a runny nose and nasal congestion.

Pharyngitis : Inflammation of the pharynx and the larynx

Stomatitis: Inflammation of the membranes in the mouth.

Hepatitis: Inflammation of the liver

Diabetes: Diabetes results when the body cannot use blood sugar as energy because of having too little insulin or being unable to use insulin.

Osteoporosis: A reduction in bone mass that causes an increased susceptibility to fractures

Carbimazole : is used to treat hyperthyroidism. Carbimazole is a pro-drug as after absorption it is converted to the active form, methimazole. Methimazole prevents the peroxidase enzyme from coupling and iodinating the tyrosine residues on thyroglobulin, hence reducing the production of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 (thyroxine).

Lymph: Clear water-like liquid that surrounds all body cells end veins, the lymph is responsible to rid the body of excess metals and toxins…


Last word:

The MEAD device stays the property of HTE Group SA and should be returned within 7 working days if the franchisee cease to be in operation under the SOQI franchise opportunity.

We recommend the MEAD device to be replaced every two and a half years to assure accuracy. You will be credited 30% on the purchase price of the new device when you return your old device. This however is a recommendation and is not enforced

The M.E.A.D Device

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