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Basic development and scientific studies:

1. Earl Sutherland of the United Statesreceived the 1971 Nobel Prize for his discoveries regarding “the mechanism of the action of hormones” He showedthat the signal used to communicate between cells (the 1st Messenger) isconverted to a signal inside the cell (the 2nd Messenger). Thissignal occurs in the cell membrane. Nobel Prize winners Alfred Gilmand &Martin Rodbell (1994) discovered how they work.

2. An AnatomyDoctor at the University of Bolonia, Italy discovered that the human body is a“semi-conductor” of electricity. It has been proven that there are 30-50micro-voltages in EACH cell of the human body.

3. RussianScientists discovered that the main cause of aging and eventual death of thehuman body is due to the lack of ATP.

4. AnAmerican Biologist discovered that negative electric potential activates theATP Enzyme and helps with the composition of ATP.

Development and Studies

ATP’s (adenosine triphosphates) areenergy-carrying molecules found in the cells of all living things. ATPtransports chemical energy within cells for your metabolism. It is an energysource that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive! This is whatthe E-power is all about: charging cell’s with negative potential energy!



The Principle of Design

The technology developed for Negative Potential Energy and HighFrequency Energy combines theories of modern medical science, electronics,Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the biology of micro-molecules, using yourbody as a capacitor, E-Power creates an internal energy that will balance andrevitalize you.

Electric Potential in the Human Body

There are 30-40 micro-voltages within the cellmembranes that are located in your body. Since there are approximately SIX TRILLION (6,000,000,000) cells in the body,the total electric potential is a very considerable number. The change inelectric potential during a lifetime is indicated below. The electric potentialin the human body decreases with age, and the reduction of electric potentialcan cause illnesses. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the electricpotential to increase health. HTE developed E-Power, so that you can easilyincrease your electric potential. Children: 70-90 millivolts Sick and tiredpeople: 60 millivolts Full Blown Cancer: about 15 millivolts                          

Negative potential energy in nature: 

People that live in cities can be sure thatthere body cells are more positively charged, than people who live in nature.Cell phones, electrical devices, brick buildings, and almost everything in amodern lifestyle work together to charge body cells positively.               

The Comparisons between Positive andNegative Ion Field:

Body Systems

Negative Field Action

Positive Field Action

Autonomic Nervous System

Stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous System(May cause relaxation)

Stimulates Sympathetic NS

(May cause stress)

Whole Body

Calms, relaxes, deep sleep

Stress, Insomnia, Depression



Can over-stimulate (may cause burn out)

Bone Fractures

Healing, Approved by FDA (Bassett, 1974, 1977)

May not heal

Nutrient Absorbing

Increases Utilization

Dampens Utilization



Can get out of balance

Oxygen Intake

Improves by study 30%

Decreases, dampens Bronchioles.

Urinary Function

Detoxifies, relaxes


Bowel Movement

Detoxifies, relaxes

Can be constipating


Increases oxygen and improves breath volume

Dampens oxygen


Slows down

Can speed up

Capillary Vessels

Expands, increased oxygen

Contracts, less oxygen

Blood Pressure

Tends to normalize

Tends to go up

Blood sugar

Lowers, reduce risk of diabetes



Alkalizes, above 70 millivolts Cell membrane - 8 pH Electrons spins clockwise

Spinning off acid water-wastes

Below 70 millivolts

Cell Membrane - 2 pH Electrons spin counterclockwise, attracting acids & wastes

Good Bacteria

Supported by the negative

Attracts bad bacteria


Activates greater activity

Decreases activity

Lactic Acid

Rids acids

Increases lactic acids and causes fermentation





Body Systems

Negative Field Action

Positive Field Action

Calcium Absorption

Increases, relaxes

Decreases stressors, when reaching beyond reserve, shuts down Sympathetic, Osteoporosis

Potassium in Cells

Increases Energy

Decreases stressors, shuts down Parasympathetic


Increases Energy

Decreases energy, shuts down Sympathetic


Increases in & around cell

Same, decreases energy


Can increase ATP energy dramatically, muscles, heart

Can decrease energy and cause fermentation of ATP


Increases 2,000 functions

Decreases function

Blood Coagulation

Can reduce

Increases, can cause

blood clots

White Blood Cell Count

Can increase

Stress can decrease

Collagen-Skin Cells

Can be stimulated

Increases wrinkles

Fat Cells-Cellulite

Can decrease

Can increase fat cells


Can increase

Can decrease


Can improve

Can decrease

Immune function

Increases Macrophages, B Cells, T Cells, Helper Cells

Can dampen immune function


WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? (Possible benefits :)

A. Increased Cell Membrane Voltage can activatethe sodium/potassium pump, allowing:

·        Regeneration of cellular energy andincreased body energy

·        Improvement of oxygen.

·        Increase of Vitality and Cell Function

·        Increased Nerve Regeneration (1998University Gottingen)

·        Activates Oxidoreductase enzymes tochange acid to alkaline.

B. Improvement of Blood Circulation due toVascodilation allowing:

·        Capillaries to receive more oxygen (upto 30% by study - Pargon 1967, Peraira 1967)

·        Reduction of blood flow resistancereturning to the heart.

·        Can lower Blood Pressure

·        Can increase Detoxification

·        Improved Nutrient Supply and improvedNutrient Supplement utilization.

·        Change Acidosis to Alkalinity

·        Accelerate Healing of wounds

··        Increased performance in SportsCompetition

·        Clearer Mental Performance, Focus,Concentration

TheE-Power Device

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