General introduction to the SOQI franchise opportunity:

A)     Introduction:

 The main principle of the H.T.E Group is to establish SOQI ™ franchises throughout the world, and to promote the excellent products and services to all possible customers who can benefit from the healing aspects of these * medical devices. A SOQI franchise is the perfect opportunity to combine Health and Wealth for every-one! (SOQI is all about getting healthy naturally.)

                                                                                                                                  *Registered in Japan and Canada as medical devices

B)      Product:

The “product” consists of a two fold nature: First we have the “Service” part, where we assist customers with their general health condition by using the Sun Ancon medical devices and additional assisting products to help promote the customer’s general health condition.

The second part is the selling of the Devices, and the supplements.


The whole SOQI program is based on the principles of natural cellular activation:  First of all, a cell needs to emanate F.I.R radiation, then there needs to be an enzyme available to spawn chemical reactions in the cell, then there needs to be water in the cell, then the cell needs to have oxygen, then the right nutrition, and lastly the cell must be able to “communicate” with surrounding cells to be able to absorb nutrition and to eliminate buildup toxins…


The basic devices we use are:


a)      Meridian energy analyses (M.E.A.D)

The Meridian energy analyzing device is used to help determine the basic health condition of the customer, and we mainly use it as a method as to prove that the SOQI treatment is improving ones overall general health condition.

b)      Far Infra Ray radiation medium Therapy:        (F.I.R  Hothouse)

Many people benefits from Far Infrared Technology. The human body can easily absorb far-infrared heat because of its deep penetrating ability. Studies show that infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 3-4 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments.

When far infrared heat penetrates through the skin into muscular tissue and ligaments, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate which improves blood circulation and promotes healing and wellness. It helps cells to rid of excess toxins, and to absorb nutrition, oxygen and water…, thus help to change, build and renew cells.


Picture before using Healing Heat Yellow indicates poor blood circulation.

After using Healing Heat for 25 min. The orange color indicates better blood circulation.

After using Healing Heat for 45 min. The red color indicates dramatically improved blood circulation.

Scores of Chronic, Even Dangerous,
Health Problems Simply Vanish

You know that good circulation is important to good health. But did you know you can get your blood pumping without vigorous exercise?

Now, don't get me wrong, the right kind of exercise is good for you in a lot of ways. But if for some reason you’re not able to exercise, you can still have all the health benefits from good circulation with just a few minutes of FIR heat each day.
As I just mentioned, when infrared rays penetrate your body they gently warm the muscles and tissue and dilate your arteries, which allows blood to flow more freely through them.

Then the infrared rays go to work breaking down toxins in your body-everything from environmental poisons, to toxic substances from food processing, to lactic acid, to free fatty acids, to subcutaneous fat (associated with aging and fatigue), to excess sodium (associated with hypertension), to uric acid (which causes pain).

With this detoxification and improved circulation scores of chronic, even dangerous, health problems dramatically reduce or disappear all together:

·    Blood clots dissolve naturally...

·    Iron deficiency - which reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood - reverses...

·    Muscle cramps relax...

·    Weakened supply of oxygen to the brain revives...

·    High blood pressure reduces to normal levels...

·    Inability to fight cancer cells and generate healthy cells reverses...

·    Build up of mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation in the digestive tract dissolves...

·    Pooled fluid in the extremities dissipates...

·    Cold hands and feet warm up...

·    Sciatica and excruciating back pain diminish...

·    Fatigue is replaced by deep wells of new energy...

·    Skin problems and ulcers erase away...

·    Vision problems disappear and eyesight improves...

·    Insomnia is replaced by deep, restful sleep...

·    Enlarged prostates shrink...

·    Inflammation reduces gradually and eventually dissolves

·    And many more…

As you can see, FIR energy can have a profound impact on your circulatory health. But there are other important functions you should know about too.

How does it work?                                                                                                                                                                 Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns. The F.I.R Dome emits between 8-10 microns which matches so closely to the human body's radiant energy that our bodies take in close to 90% of the infrared waves that reach our skin. Therefore, FIR rays have the ability to penetrate deeply (up to 4 inches) (+/-7cm) and permeate throughout the body.

This is a very effective treatment, and this technology is used all over the globe for over 100 different chronic conditions!

c)      The Chi machine                                                                                                                                                       The Chi machine is a clinically proven passive exercise instrument that:
*Absorbs fat, toxins and access water through the lymph system
*Enhance oxygen levels inside the body (15 minutes on this machine is equivalent to one and half hours of walking in comparison to oxygenation)
*It Helps blood circulation
*Gives Superb Lymph drainage
*Enhances Weight loss,
*Relief’s pain and inflammation
*Enhances energy levels.
The treatment is very relaxing without any strain on the joints… 

Integration of Traditional Medical Wisdom and Modern Science
This unique health-generating product is based on German exercise physiology, to research and develop this unique.  It is based on the patented five characteristics including height, swing frequency, swing travel, swing angle and circular movement. It is a simple technological item incorporating the precise oscillatory action to ensure extensive health benefits without risk or harm that could arise from any similar product not employing the stringent precise detail of the patented ‘Chi Machine’ massager.
Comparison of swinging method between a Chi Machine massager and an Imitation Product:
The Chi Machine adjusts the spine by swaying it gently like a crawling centipede.
(A)   The Chi Machine massager obtains an amazing body response.
(B)   There is no body response if not using patented precision unit.

The patented precision design of the massager allows it to operate in harmony with the natural body rhythms and optimum body positioning to include a massage of blood vessels.
                                                                                                                                                                            Major Benefits Derived from Chi Machine
1. Cellular Activation
Massage stimulation to the Sympathetic Nervous System opens up the bronchi-oles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs, simultaneously the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs the blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.
2. Spinal Balancing   
With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of misalignment.   Such corrective action can in turn cure or alleviate complications arising in vertebrae joints from certain spinal misalignment
3. Improving the Immune System
The Chi Machine massager stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.
4. Blood Production
Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of spleen’s blood production can arise from the spleen’s susceptibility to damage. The massager’s action on the spine stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System which increases spinal ‘marrow’ blood production. Any form of anemia can be benefited by this massage action.
5. Restoration of Balance to the Autonomic Nervous System
If the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may surface.  The influence of the massager on the Sympathetic Nervous System can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health from such conditions.
6. Exercising Internal Organs
Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus healing and good health on a life force energy which flows in channels through all living forms. Acupuncture and associate therapies are being increasingly used by eastern practitioners to ‘invigorate’ the life-force energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs. The Chinese refer to this energy as ‘Chi‘.                                                                                                                                             The Chi Machine massager will aid in unblocking the ‘Chi’ pathways and ensure a maximum flow of healing source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.

D  E-Power:

The E-power device is designed to help charge body cells with a negative field, so that these cells will illuminate toxins and absorb the nutrition value the cells needs, It promotes quality sleep, and increases ones metabolism so that whatever should happen in the body, that it will happen faster. It improves the immune system and reduces atherosclerosis. The e-power also helps tone the skin, and helps with overall well-being.

C)      Pricing:

The prices for the equipment and supplements are fixed, but the prices for the “services” are for the discretion of the franchisee, and the only limitation is that the franchisee is not allowed to undercut the “recommended prices” established by HTE Group SA. The current recommended price for a “Medical meridian analyses” is R100, and for a SOQI treatment is R50 per session.


D)     Premises:

All SOQI franchises will have a similarity in shop-front, interior design and overall presentation. The premises must be easy accessible to customers and we expect at least 10 parking spaces for vehicle’s. The premises must have sufficient                                                                                                          amount of electric plugs, as extension leads can

cause people to trip and fall. The shop must have

at least 75 m2 floor space. This should be divided

into 4 areas.

(A reception, A room where slimming sessions

can be done, and a larger room for all the normal

SOQI treatments, and a room for the MEAD

analyses. )

A water feature usually creates a calming

atmosphere, but is not compulsory.

The premises must be clinically clean at all time.

We expect the building to be paraplegic friendly (Hand rails in bathrooms, wheel chair ramp at door, etc) We also expect Fire distinguishers, escape signs the premises.


E)      Start-up Costs :

We have a once off franchise fee of R35 000 Excluding VAT. (A candidate can open numerous branches under the same franchise, just the additional training; products, etc will be charged for)

The franchise fee includes the following:

·         “Shop-front Light-Box”

·         Huge Wall Stickers, Posters. Etc.

·         Training materials, Scientific books, DVD’s, Music Cd’s, Etc.

·         Training of Staff

·         Products used for training

·         Radio advertisement & Start-up assistance

·         Travel expenses and accommodation expenses for HTE Personnel that helps you getting started

·         Business system, etc

We have a yearly Branding fee of R250 (excl. VAT)for the right to use the SOQI name and other trademarks and   symbols. This is applicable for every branch. There is also a monthly admin fee of R100.00 (Excl. VAT). Lastly, we have a R1000 (Vat included) monthly advertising fee for national advertising in all media types. We do not share in your profits (turnover).The equipment is sold to the new franchisee at member prices, as stated on the “order form”. Quotations are done on request. The equipment consists of beds, Chi-machines, Far Infra Ray Radiation hothouses, Meridian energy analyzing device, and the E-power device.

The franchisee will have to buy a computer, Face cloths, Towels and six comfortable chairs and Plastic Cling-wrap at his/her own expense. (The radio-advertisement cost for the franchise to start up is for the franchisee.)

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